ARCHIVES AT RISK: protecting the world’s identities

HEURE EXQUISE ! – Centre international pour les arts vidéo

Established in 1975 on the initiative of a group of artists, Heure Exquise ! have gradually expanded their activities of distribution and programming of creative videos.

Historically, Heure Exquise ! has collaborated with pioneers videographic creators, including Roland Baladi, Irit Batsry, Dominique Belloir, Alain Bourges, Robert Cahen, Patrick De Geetere, Jean-Paul Fargier, Michaël Gaumnitz, Jean-Francois Guiton, Jerome Lefdup, Jean Louis Le Tacon, Pierre Lobstein, …

Bringing together works by pioneers artists of video art, of course we have been faced with the need to save the historical works. After organizing the migration of older works on other video media in the 2000s, we started in 2005 a plan of digitization and saving of our funds, supported in this work by the Ministry of Culture and the Region Nord/Pas-de-Calais.

This saving activity is still ongoing, given the volume of the collection. We must also deal with the obsolescence of the machines that can play video formats and with the fragility of the media.

We take great care to authors’ complete works and to maintain an audiovisual heritage that we want to restore to the public. We regularly organize public screening sessions and publish on our website extracts or complete works, digitized and saved. A section of our website is devoted to essential artists of video art, allowing any audience to watch the works.
Archives at risk: protecting the world’s identities is the slogan of this year’s celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. We can only share this slogan by contributing to this World Day, while paying tribute to one of the French pioneers of video art, Robert Cahen.

On this occasion, we will publish on the home page of our website one of his first videos created in 1977, l’Invitation au voyage.
Many greetings,
The Heure Exquise !