The main objectives of the association are fostering the dialogue within the media art community with a special focus on European issues and media art archiving, networking efforts for promoting and archiving media art and knowledge on media art to a general public, improvement of accessing media art related content for the general public and the expert community, especially the research and academic members, but also curators and art institutions, creating a platform that supports all aforementioned objectives.
The main goal is to create an environment that will support and enable an efficient and qualitative implementation of these objective. The online portal “GAMA-Gateway to Archives of Media Art” ( will be used as the online platform for the results achieved by the association and its partners. One of the objectives is therefore also to maintain, support, up-date and expand the platform as a common portal to the included archives to enhance and ensure it as an important tool for the media art community.

The interdisciplinary project “GAMA – Gateway to Archives of Media Art” was launched on 2007-11-01 by 19 participating organisations from Europe’s culture, art and technology sector, with the aim to establish a central online portal to different European media art collections for the interested public, for curators, artists, academics, researchers, and mediators – an endeavour supported by European Commission within the framework of the econtentplus programme .