Guided tours

Similar to exhibition tours, the guided tours are intended to offer first glimpses into the artwork and documentation collections gathered within the GAMA portal. Chosen experts will guide you through the networked archives using different topics as a focus to point out works from both well-known and emerging artists. The aim is to incite further research. You will see the search results for the mentioned works and artists pop up when pressing the respective thumbnail in the guided tours. The results will be delivered exactly in the form that they would following a query launch, i.e. as text only, as still, as excerpts or filmstrips or in full length depending on the permission of the rightsholder.
You can also download the texts as pdf .

1  Storytelling in media art
2  In Motion: Women, Images and their Alliances
3  Documentation as an aesthetic strategy
4  SoundImage
5  Performance Art and its Relation to Archiving
6  Media criticism
7  Interactivity