Mission Statement

Media Art has become an important and expanding territory on the art map – a deterritorialized territory spread over Europe and collected in different institutions and archives representing the diversity of its cultural and technological backgrounds and perspectives.

GAMA – the gateway to archives of media art – provides an online access to a variety of European media art archives representing a large spectrum of media art. The quality of GAMA thrives on the very specialized focus of the archives and content providers – ranging from historical material of the 1920s to the present, and from nationally and geographically orientated archives to collections focusing on thematic perspectives. On this basis GAMA facilitates simple access to an expanding field of single media art works and simultaneously to a variety of contexts framing the different discourses and relations between them.

GAMA invites specialists and professionals as well as the interested public to enter this new territory and to discover or research media art beyond institutional or geographical borders. Keywords and different languages will help to quickly find what the searcher is looking for and to create heterogeneous modes of orientation.

Objectives of GAMA

Enable enhanced access to European media art archives.
Significantly increase awareness and mediation of media art.
Be Europe’s key online portal to its media art archives.
Facilitate for users the discovery, use and re-use of European digital cultural and artistic contents in Europe.
Combine and adapt existing standard and state-of-the art solutions to meet the needs for interoperability between the individual archives and their heterogeneity.